SAAS Development Experts

Our expertise in SAAS development is unmatched. We make sure to include the entire gamut of functionalities and building blocks required to create the perfect SaaS solution for you. Linking Logics has been working in the software development industry for over a decade. We have created the most innovative and advanced software solutions that are currently setting a trend in the market. We understand the constantly evolving software technologies and customer requirements.

Why Should You Choose Software As A Service Development With Us?

Software as a service development solutions are actually very affordable in the long run. By adopting this technology you can save your users a lot of trouble. There is no need of buying, renting, downloading or installing, maintaining or updating any application on any of their devices. Access to SAAS platforms is relatively faster and all you need is compatible hardware with a relatively fast internet connection.

SAAS Applications Are Very Fast, Secure And Completely Reliable. They Come With The Following Benefits
  • Better and easier accessibility
  • Extremely simple to customize and monitor
  • The architecture can be single / multi tenant
  • Updates can be done by simply pointing and clicking
  • There is absolutely no performance issue
  • You can use them on several platforms without any trouble
The SaaS Expertise Of Linking Logics

Software Reengineering For SAAS

You can leverage cloud infrastructure by reengineering software products into multi tenant SAAS solutions

Multi Tenancy

We excel in design assessment and implementation of multi tenancy models

Easy API Integration

Whether it is a third party API or your existing ones, we have you covered

Service Level Management

We believe in early detection of application issues and fast remediation through effective service level management

Release Management

Easy functional and maintenance releases to support your IT infrastructure

End To End Devops

We strive to reduce release cycles so that the overall quality of your operations improves

Security And Compliance

We are aware of the best practices for SAAS security and compliance

Our SAAS Application Development Services Comprise:

SAAS Consulting

We will help you plan and deploy your SAAS applications by assisting you in creating an application strategy that is effective and efficient

App Design And Development

You get robust, reliable and expandable software as a service application that will be highly suitable to your organizational needs

Mobile SAAS Application

Take your on-premises SAAS solution to any mobile platform with our expertise and resources

Third Party Integration

We develop custom APIs and link external data sources to your existing systems along with third party platforms as well

Analytics And Data Management

Our teams of expert SAAS developers are going to create custom data analytics for enhanced application operations

Cloud App Scaling

By using cloud based platforms you can scale up your resources and enhance your application performance across devices and operating systems for as many users as you want

It is always advised to be on the same page as your developer. Therefore, do not hesitate in getting in touch with us and understanding the entire development process. Call us at 800-316-0852 or write to us at and we will answer all your questions immediately.