Legacy Data Migration

Legacy Data Migration

"Legacy Data Migration", "Legacy System Modernization" or as we like to call it “Product Remodeling” is often a large, multi-year project. Because these legacy systems are often critical in the operations of most enterprises, deploying the modernized system all at once introduces an unacceptable level of operational risk. As a result, legacy systems are typically modernized incrementally.

  • Initially, the system consists completely of legacy code.
  • As each increment is completed, the percentage of legacy code decreases.
  • Eventually, the system is completely modernized.
  • A migration strategy must ensure that the system remains fully functional during the modernization effort.

Making of software modernization decisions is a process within some organizational context. “Real world” decision making in business organizations often has to be made based on “bounded rationality”. Besides that, there exist multiple (and possibly conflicting) decision criteria; the certainty, completeness, and availability of useful information (as a basis for the decision) is often limited.

Our theme throughout this site has been clarity. We believe "Legacy Data Migration" or "Legacy System Modernization" offers a better visualization of what we do with older software systems that are becoming too expensive to maintain and may be affecting the bottom line of your company in terms of competition, staffing and performance. Because everyone can visualize the benefits of remodeling a house or apartment but “Modernization” of a software product is hard to visualize for both management and programming staff.

We believe remodeling captures a better picture of taking an older system that has proved its metal over the years with unique features and reliability and making it better than it was before and better than the horrible nightmares of rolling out a completely new system that may take years to be as reliable as the old system was when it was in its prime.

Throughout this site, we have been driving home the advantages of working with a company that has 30 years of experience in doing what your company needs to be doing. But nothing can be compared to the value that 30 years of experience brings to the table when a company needs to remodel an older system that has become obsolete but has tremendous built-in value in the human logic that the system contains in addressing the needs of your company. We believe these older systems have tremendous value in the low-level problem solving. These solutions just need to be migrated to a better environment of source code and operating systems.

A most common approach to “Legacy System Modernization” or "Legacy Data Migration" is to take the whole system through conversion tools that may or may not make the conversion easier and faster, but for sure it will make the new modernized system harder to maintain. Why? Because conversion tools usually convert code to a more cryptic form of numbers that do not have human like characteristics. Since we are only remolding systems that have legacy DNA to our narrowly defined technologies, we believe our experience can do a better job at remodeling a product faster and better than an automated tool or a complete rewrite. Having legacy DNA to our core technologies means we have direct first-hand knowledge of the code and logic contained in the older system because we were there when it was being written.

We believe we have given you excellent reasons why remodeling legacy products to today’s modern platforms has advantageous of building on the wisdom hidden in the logic of the older systems when you have the knowledge and skills of the past as well as the knowledge and skills of the present. If you agree with this assessment contact us.