Company is a newly formed development division of BlackDog Logics.BlackDog Logics was incorporated in 1980,working with one of the first truly disruptive technologies,home computing (laptops),the power of linking data and social networking for the recruiting industry and are now developing .net products being delivered on any device anywhere and on any platform, Azure, Xamarin and SAAS/iPhone apps. We have always helped our clients look ahead identifying new opportunities based on new or disruptive technologies keeping clients ahead of the competition.

Kenneth Peck

Graduated from the University of Toledo and began developing skills in the rapidly growing field of information technology while an auditor with the United States General Accounting Office and assisted in the transition of using information technology as an auditing tool. Rose from a developer and designer to Chief Information Officer (CIO) in banking and insurance industries. Founded BlackDog in Los Angeles to create badly needed IT solutions for recruiters and products related to the recruiting industry.

Jim Polakowski

Co-Founder of IVDesk, with 35 of expertise and diverse knowledge of complex IT systems. Jim is the chief architect of a highly redundant, highly secure, private cloud solution. IVDesk’s mission is to provide exceptional 24x7x365 customer service. Jim held positions as Director of Technology at ACI Telecentrics, a publicly-held telemarketing firm, and served as a Partner and System Architect at CSC Partners.

Sofia Hein

Sofia Hein is an IT professional specializing in high tech project management and IT consulting services. For almost two decades, Sofia has focused on cloud technology-based solutions, process engineering, implementation and continuous process improvement. With a passion for excellence and customer service, Sofia has helped large, medium and small clients successfully transition from locally run environments to completely virtualized solutions. When Sofia is not working, you can find her in the mountains of Colorado with a camera in hand.

Our Clients