Will Staff Augmentation Services be the right choice for your company?

staff augmentation services

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Staff augmentation services are gaining more and more popularity and emphasis as we speak. They are a form of project outsourcing strategy in which the in-house team of an organization works in congruence with an external team of experts. This external team of specialists is a supplement to the existing human resources of the company. They can be hired for a short-term project or a relatively longer period of time depending upon the specific objectives of the project at hand. You should opt for IT staff augmentation services if you do not wish to incur significant costs in the long run by hiring full time workers for a short term project.

As compared to staff augmentation, if you look into traditional outsourcing processes and other managed services, they have a higher degree of risk attached to them. Staff augmentation on the other hand combines the best aspects of full time workforce and external project outsourcing. You get the reliability of the former and the flexibility of the latter.

Is There A Shortcut To Making Staff Augmentation Work For Your Business?

Clearly, there is no shortcut to making it a success for your organization but you can be a little more careful and diligent while performing staff augmentation in your company. The following 3 steps are going to ensure that you are able to make the most of staff augmentation regardless of the length of the project you have taken up.

1.  Understanding That Associating With Specialists Works In Your Favor

This means that you have to create the right environment and work ethic for the specialists that you need for the project at hand. This is one of the biggest advantages of staff augmentation consulting because it gives you direct access to the much-needed experts who are thoroughly professional at what they do. You may not find them in your neighborhood, in your city or even in the same geographical region. They can be based abroad in a different country. Nevertheless, making room for such experts in your organizational processes works out in your favor. Therefore, investing time and effort in cultivating the right attitudes, behavioral patterns and a welcome atmosphere across your organization and your team mates should be your first priority.

2. Project Selection Has To Be Practical

If you do not have an ongoing plan of continuation,the staff augmentation process is going to work wonders for your company. This kind of project outsourcing strategy is highly suitable for software development projects. This is the biggest reason that information technology and staff augmentation feel like the perfect fit. If you have a similar project in your hand, going for an augmented staff instead of direct hires is a better and more practical approach.

3. Identifying The Skill Set You Need The Augmented Staff For

Determining the specific skill set and the role of the staff augmentation firm that they will be playing in the project is very essential to the success of this process. You want to develop a product that is high in quality and gets delivered well within the stipulated timeline with the help of the right talent. Therefore, identifying the unique skill set peculiar to the project at hand gives you faster access to more experienced and vetted professionals highly suitable for the job.

staff augmentation services

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Once You Have Made These Three Decisions, The Benefits Of Staff Augmentation Are Aplenty

1. Lower Development Costs

If you happen to associate with your future augmented team that lives in Asia or Eastern Europe, you will have significantly lower development costs.

2.  No Recruitment Hassle

Turning to the services of a staff augmentation company means less responsibility related to research and recruitment for your in-house employees.

3. Reduced Operational Costs

There is absolutely no need to invest in an office space, taxes, equipment, resources and other operational apparatus.

4. No Need To Deal With Legal Issues

There is no legal responsibility attached to staff augmentation including employee benefits, payroll or any other paperwork.

5. Direct Access To Specialists

Finding the right specialist at the right time for the right price is crucial to the success of your project which is ensured by staff augmentation.

6. Increased Productivity

Lower development and operational costs ensure productivity and the specialized skills of the professionals further improve your return on investment. If you are thinking that staff augmentation is the right strategy for you to take, get in touch with our experts at Linking Logics today.


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