Successful Data Migration From Your Old Legacy Systems – How Much Preparation Do You Need?

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Even today, there are several organizations across the globe that use old and complex business CRM systems. These have become outdated and even despite the presence of numerous cloud SaaS alternatives, these companies have stuck to their original data management systems. The biggest reason why they do not wish to switch to a new system is that they fear data loss and security breaches.

And also, nobody wants to leave their valuable customer data in their old system and let it rot or get corrupted. Data migration is not an easy task and you would know if you have ever inquired about it from any project outsourcing company in Florida.

Yes, when you are looking to ensure successful data migration from legacy systems to a new system, all the while trying to preserve valuable history, you would need to make migration a separate project.

Legacy data migration is not just one of the many operations that you perform on a daily basis. It is a meticulous operation that needs the expertise of a professional in house team or a project outsourcing company. But before you even hand over this task to a professional, there are a few objectives that you should clarify. These objectives are basically the goals that you want to achieve through your new legacy data migration strategy such as:

  • Data profiling and careful analysis of the existing company data

  • Migration of data from legacy system to the most modern database system that makes your organization more relevant and up to date

  • Reducing the operational and maintenance cost across your organization

  • Gaining advantage / superiority / competitive edge over your competitors in the market

  • Ensuring enhanced customer support and troubleshooting options

  • When you seek highly scalable and performance efficient solutions for your organization as a whole

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Pre-Migration Planning of Data from a Legacy System: Importance and Components

Pre-migration planning is important for various reasons and some of them are listed here:

  • It helps you in assessing the viability of the entire migration process

  • Facilitates pre-migration impact assessment

  • Ensures seamless involvement of both business and IT teams of your organization before the migration process begins

  • Makes you aware of the various data security and governance issues that might already be existing within your database management system

  • Helps you identify the primary resources in your organization and assists in time allocation

  • It also helps in risk management and facilitates determining project delivery timelines

  • You can easily create proper training documentation and a training plan for your employees so that they can get oriented with the new data management system

  • Defining project approach and operational workflow becomes easier

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Now Let Us Have A Quick Look At A Few Useful Tips That Would Simplify And Speed Up Legacy System Data Migration For Your Organization

  • Understand the source data thoroughly and appoint the best analysts to help you in mapping the source field to the target field

  • Never overestimate the quality of your source data despite the fact that your systems have never reported a quality issue

  • Do go through the various mines hidden in your historical data before you begin transferring it to the new system

  • Engage the business oriented job profile holders in the migration process as they can help you differentiate between the data that should be kept and the fields that can be discarded

Final Thoughts

This is just the beginning. Migration of data from legacy systems is a complicated process and the more you delve into it, the more complex it becomes. Experts advise you to go for automated migration solutions always. Remember, even if the migration process in your case is a one-time activity, manual actions are going to significantly slow down your operations. We know that understanding all this technical jargon can be very taxing on your mind but this is what Linking Logics is here for. Feel free to connect with us to understand your legacy data migration needs today.

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