Defining Staff Augmentation And Figuring Out Ways To Make It Work For Your Organization

staff augmentation services

Staff augmentation is a kind of  project outsourcing strategy. It involves processes that are aimed at staffing your organization for a particular project in compliance with your objectives both long term and short term. This is a technique that suggests you perform constant monitoring of your in-house team members and their skill set. You will be able to identify skill gaps easily that way. IT Staff augmentation services are going to help you fill in those gaps at each stage of your project preparation and commencement. Once you have identified the skills that you need to complete a particular project, associating with a resourceful and reliable staff augmentation firm is the next step.

How Does Staff Augmentation Consulting Work?

The entire process is quite simple. It has 3 primary steps that give your company the essential skill sets that it needs to complete a given project within the stipulated timeline.

  1. Identifying The Skill Gap Across Your Organization

This is the first stage where your company is going to determine the skill gap that it has been experiencing. You may also contact outsourced specialists and communicate this gap to trusted vendors so that they can find the required personnel and programmers, developers, engineers and project managers to fill in that gap.

     2. Onboarding Newly Recruited Staff

Once you have identified the required specialists and gone through the primary selection process, you will commence the onboarding procedure. This will make sure that the newly augmented staff members are acquainted with your in-house team members and your organization. This step is all about familiarization with your company, your technical concepts, business practices and ethics and the client’s work environment.

    3. Nurturing And Orientation Of The Augmented Staff Members

This is the third step that is going to involve continuous learning and development on the part of your newly acquired staff members. This ensures that the augmented team remains and functions in your company as a valuable asset for the longest possible duration or for the duration of the project. This is the only way to make sure that they deliver exceptional results for the purpose you have hired them for.

How Do You Plan To Find The Right IT Staff Augmentation Services For Your Needs?

  • Begin by determining the kind of talent you seek and lack in your organization
  • Then specify the type of services you need, both long term and short term depending upon your business tasks and operations
  • The next step is to research several outsourcing markets and vendors to find the best fit for your needs
  • Determine the preferred location of the project outsourcing / staff augmentation company depending upon the time zone difference, comfortable travel routes, affordable prices and the like
  • Narrow down your staff augmentation company choices to 3 to 5 firms in your preferred location
  • Verify their reviews, testimonials and references
  • Do not hesitate from holding negotiations about all the contract details, any hidden costs and the pricing in general as well

Sign on the dotted line only when you are absolutely sure that this is the right staff augmentation firm for you.

Final Thoughts

Staff augmentation is going to help you find the IT talent that you need for all your projects. What kind of skills, experience and projects you need help with is the primary process that only you will have to perform. The operations such as recruitment, training and communication, orientation and also educating the augmented staff about the skill sets that they need to be updated on regularly is the responsibility of the staff augmentation firm. Of course, you will have to stay connected with the vendor and ensure transparent communication at all times. If you need more help with any specific projects, or any ongoing staffing challenges that you might be facing in your organization, get connected with Linking Logics today.








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