Cloud Data Migration & Post Pandemic Business Trends – How The World Intends To Cope

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There are primarily 3 types of data migration procedures that have revolutionized businesses across the globe. Businesses of all sizes are utilizing legacy data migration and cloud computing technology to make the most of their resources even during the pandemic.

3 Types Of Legacy Data Migration

  • Storage Migration

This is when you plan to move your entire business data from your existing technology to modern systems. You can ensure faster performance and easy and cost-effective scaling. You also get several data management features such as snapshots, cloning and backed up along with disaster recovery and management as well.

  • Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is increasing in demand as the number of work from home employees is on the rise. This is the process of moving your entire business data applications and several other business elements from on-premises data centers to the most suitable cloud framework. It also comprises storage migration in some cases.

  • Application Migration

Application programs can be moved from one environment to another very easily. You can switch from your on-premises IT centre to the latest cloud framework very easily. You can also move between clouds without losing the integrity of any of your business data.

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Today, several businesses are using cloud technology to enable their employees to work from home without any delays and hassles. The rising trend of freelancers and online projects is making it possible for the economy to stay functional. Enterprises, both large and small scale are able to function just like the way they did before the pandemic hit.

8 Ways, We As Intellectual And Professionals Have Become Used To The New Age Work From Home Environment And Are Increasingly Benefiting From Cloud Data Migration

  • Handle Increased Traffic Easily

Cloud frameworks and related technology make it easier for you to handle increased amounts of traffic on your applications

  • Reduce Operational Costs

You can increase the effectiveness of all your IT processes all the while reducing operational costs

  •  Fast Application Implementation

Cloud models are available as software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) and all of them can be implemented very fast

  • Business Expansion

No need to set up multi-region infrastructure when you have cloud technology working for you and helping you expand your business geographically

  • Modify Your Storage

You can easily expand your cloud storage capabilities without investing many resources into it

  • Freedom To Work From Any Remote Location

Cloud computing environments are ideal for you when you want to enable your employees to work from any remote location

  • Efficient Disaster Recovery System

Disaster recovery can be implemented on any of the leading cloud technologies very quickly and you have better control over all your resources

  • Timely Tracking And Upgrading Of Server Software

You can get immediate and automated upgrades on all your software and applications

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13 Ways Data Migration And The Leading Cloud Technologies Keep Us Productive, Efficient & Functional

  • Save Time And Money

Remote login facilities and immediate data access through cloud technology saves time and money

  • More Time To Family

More time to family and loved ones ensures mental health

  • Reduction In Cost Of Living

Reduction in commuting costs, living expenses and office related spending

  • Companies Save Overhead Costs

Adopting flexible workplace arrangements for employees results in the reduction in overhead costs

  • Several Jobs Done Best Remotely

Jobs that do not require an employee to be on site can also be done from remote locations with similar efficiency

  • Faster Adoption Of Remote Work Setups

People are growing habitual to remote work setups and online communication for all their employment related tasks

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  • Growth Of Coworking Spaces

Many companies are coming up with utility-rich and friendly coworking spaces to cater to remote workers and employees belonging to different industries

  • Applications For Stay-At-Home Employees

Rising popularity of applications targeted towards work-from-home employees such as exercise apps, e-learning, disease prevention and the like

  • Rising Number Of Downloads

As more and more applications are being downloaded, even more are being created to cater to the specific needs of work-from-home employees

  • Growth Of Hybrid Technology Architecture

Companies and enterprises across the world are investing in technology that will support both on premise and remote work capabilities

  • More Freelancing Jobs Available

Job and freelance marketplaces are making more opportunities available for freelancers across the globe as more and more businesses are shifting to the leading cloud technologies

  • Marketplace Becoming More International

Competition is on the rise as marketplaces become all-encompassing and global

  • Boost To Startups

Several startup companies can now find remote professionals for easy project outsourcing of many of their processes at more affordable rates

Data migration and cloud computing technology are changing the way we do business all across the world. Embracing it with open arms and a broad mind is the only way forward. You can make the most of this technology as well. Get in touch with Linking Logics today to know how.

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