9 Factors That Are Reshaping Front End Development – How React JS Is A Part Of This Trend

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Front-end development has come a long way. With the advent of the React JS framework, everything seems to be faster and more efficient.

But What Is React JS After All?

React JS is basically a JavaScript library which can be used in web development to create attractive and interactive elements on websites. Being familiar with JavaScript or any of its libraries is going to help you further understand the React JS framework better. The ease and flexibility that come with React JS make it the preferred choice of many project outsourcing companies as well.

So, What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is also known as JS and it is a scripting language as the name suggests. It is used to create dynamic web content which includes animated graphics, slideshows, banner animations, photos and imagery and several other interactive elements and forms.

The perfect example of JavaScript working right in front of your eyes are the things that keep on moving and refreshing whenever you visit a website. There are going to be certain elements that constantly keep on changing whenever you manually reload a web page or when you are browsing through it. There is a very good chance that JavaScript is making that happen. 

Is There A Difference Between React JS And React Native?

Several business circles have begun to talk about React-native. This is primarily because Facebook is actively promoting this framework as a great tool for cross-platform mobile app development. To simply put it in more understandable terms, React Native is a framework that uses UI elements which are written in React JS.

This helps both iOS and Android developers to create native components for both these platforms. All the buttons and animations that you see can be very well optimized with the help of this framework. So it is justifiable to say that you will be creating smooth and seamless apps for the majority of smartphone brands out there.

3 Elements Of React JS You Should Know About

1.  Components

These are the primary building blocks of the framework. A coder / React JS expert is going to put them together to create an application for a variety of platforms. Custom components are easier to build with React JS. In any React JS application, nearly 99% of the components are custom made. Connecting components with data in custom logic is also very easy in React JS if you opt for an existing full-fledged UI library.

2. JSX

JSX is essentially an extension of JavaScript. It allows developers to write views using similar syntax as XML and HTML. These can be easily mixed with JS to control the logic.

3. Redux

This is a state management library which is paired with React-JS. It offers a vibrant and efficient ecosystem.

3 Reasons Why React JS Has Become Popular And Has Eventually Changed The Face Of Front End Development

4. Freedom To Work

React JS gives developers the freedom to work. Working with a virtual browser is friendlier than working with a real browser. Virtual browser within the React JS framework responds efficiently and functions like an agent between the real browser and the developer. Needless to mention, it is a breeze to perform legacy data migration from any other platform such as Angularjs to React JS. 

5. Describing User Interfaces Is Easier

Describing the user interfaces and modeling their state becomes easier with React JS. The developer does not have to come up with steps to describe transactions on interfaces. He can describe the interface like a function and whenever a transaction happens to that state, the React JS framework automatically updates the user interfaces based on that.

6. Little To Learn

There is very little to learn when it comes to understanding the functioning of React-JS. If you have enough knowledge of JavaScript to begin with, you only have to learn a few functions to understand React JS. You will need basic JavaScript skills to become a fantastic React developer.

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3 Biggest Reasons Why React JS Is Ideal For Your Business Right Now

7. Better UI

You can create applications with a far better UI to enhance your end user experience. This increases user engagement and ensures higher click-through rates.

8. Better Performance

React JS is a platform that ensures better performance because it prevents updating of DOM. This ensures faster app deployment and better user experience.

9. More Efficient

React JS is ideal for you when you want to improve the total rendered pages from your website server. What makes React JS even more efficient is the ability to modify build tooling and scaling back on maintenance budgets.


You could hire a React JS developer right now at this very moment! The professional is going to become an integral part of your development team. When you are looking to achieve your business goals with the right mobile applications, increasing conversion rates, cutting down costs and accelerating your overall business growth should always be kept in mind. The React JS platform lets you do all this and much more! For more such insights, stay connected with Linking Logics.



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