5 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks To Look Out For In 2020

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Having a hard time deciding what JavaScript framework to pick? When it comes to mobile development, there are choices, that too critical ones that you have to make. But once you are certain about what features you seek in your mobile application, these choices become easy to filter through. The hardest question that still remains is whether this framework fits your project or not.

Following Is A List Of 5 Extremely Popular JavaScript Frameworks To Look Out For In 2020

1.  jQuery Mobile

This is an extremely lightweight mobile framework. It is based on jQuery library and several developers use this framework for website as well as application development. It offers high compatibility with optimized touch sensitivity highly suitable for all platforms such as Android, Windows phone, iOS and BlackBerry. When you are using jQuery mobile, cross browser issues get eliminated automatically. This is the biggest advantage of using this framework. It supports a wide variety of platforms as mentioned above, a wide range of display sizes, devices and screen resolutions as well. It also gives you plenty of freedom when it comes to editing themes and drag ‘n’ drop colors, manipulating page layouts, editing headers and footers and several other details as well. Some of us have been using our old websites even if they are e-commerce platforms. This is the new age of selling through apps where you should consider data migration from legacy systems to new age mobile applications.

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2. Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular user interface is an HTML5 based framework. It utilizes Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS. If you are looking for highly interactive mobile applications, this is ideal for you. Critical mobile components such as sidebars, overlays and switches including the following features can be easily incorporated in your mobile applications:

  •         Data binding becomes faster and simpler
  •         You can easily display all the modifications in the model
  •         Get complete support for caching and other processes to minimize burden from server CPUs
  •         Application prototyping can be sped up easily

3. Meteor

Meteor is a favorite platform for a lot of developers primarily because it is an open source framework. If you are looking to create modern mobile applications, this is going to be the perfect fit for your project. It ensures rapid prototyping and cross platform coding. This code gives you complete control over your application including the following:

  • Regular updates to your JavaScript code without any developmental skills whatsoever
  • Complete mobile to server data communication function
  • Ensures fast application deployment
  • You get greater flexibility across various platforms and devices
  • External libraries and various plugins   

4. React Native

Again, this is another open source framework created and maintained by Facebook. It is an increasingly popular cross platform framework which was conceived in the year 2013. It is a growing preference for a lot of mobile app developers today. Some of the most popular applications that are built using React Native are Facebook itself, Uber, Instagram and Walmart to name a few.

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5. Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is also known as PhoneGap. When you need a robust backend, the extensive libraries in this framework can fit the bill perfectly. This platform makes app development quick and efficient. It is ideal for creating hybrid web applications for all kinds of mobile devices using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. There are several tools available to the developer to enhance the performance of this framework.

 6. OnSenUi

This is also a very popular JavaScript framework which is ideal for creating hybrid mobile applications using CSS HTML and JavaScript. OnSen UI is compatible with Angular 2+, Angular JS, react, jQuery and Vue. Why choose OnSen UI?

  •         It gives you a large set of rich UI components
  •         It is specifically designed for mobile apps
  •         Works perfectly with Monaca

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