5 Critical Yet Avoidable Mistakes Of Business Process Outsourcing

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Do you think you will not be able to handle this project on your own? Do you have any doubts about the capabilities of your in-house team members? Do you think that a third party professional might be able to do more justice to this project instead? There could be any number of reasons for you to choose a project outsourcing services provider in Colorado but there could also be a few teething problems if this is your first time. Let us have a look at a few critical yet avoidable mistakes that you might be prone to making considering that it is your first time outsourcing a project to an external team of professionals.

1.  Sense Of Insecurity In Your In-House Team

By associating with a project outsourcing team in Florida you could be instilling a sense of insecurity in your in-house team members. Your existing employees, associates and contractors may be tempted to look elsewhere for employment / career growth opportunities. If your internal staff members are not properly motivated or perhaps you have not taken important steps to keep the knowledge transfer in check, they might infer incorrectly and suffer from decreased efficiency and lack of inspiration to work for you. You have to ensure them that there is absolutely no need for them to be looking elsewhere for work by defining the role and responsibilities of the outsourcing team.

2. Could There Be A Cultural Clash?

There is a lot of potential friction brewing between these two teams. Cultural clashes are a result of this friction that should be removed from both the teams in due time. There is going to be a mountain of a difference between their forms of communication, style of working, decision making, organizational behavior and attitude towards their peers and subordinates. You can avoid this potential corporate cultural clash by opening several channels of communication between your in-house teams and the project outsourcing team that you have hired. Cultural clashes could be due to any factor relating to regional inhibitors, language, perception, general attitude, acknowledgement of others, expectations and outcomes and much more.

3. Lack Of Skilled Workforce

If you are not careful while selecting a project management outsourcing services vendor, you might end up getting manipulated into hiring a less than efficient team. Successful business process outsourcing begins with the right skills. A team that lacks the necessary skill and experience is going to have a bad impact not only on your project but on your reputation as well. On the other hand, a knowledgeable and professional workforce has absolutely no substitute. For this purpose, even if you have to look overseas for options do not hesitate from exploring them.

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4. Resisting Change That Is Inevitable

This happens a lot too. A third-party service provider is often considered a source for the inevitable change that transforms your organization. If the culture of the outsourcing vendor is strong and inherently motivated, your in-house teams might find themselves exposed to a healthy and bigger dose of inspiration. This is going to be a great change agent and possibly a catalyst for better opportunities for your business but let’s face it; there will be tremendous initial opposition to this change throughout your organization. There will be a lack of compliance, disagreements in strategies, execution problems, difference of opinions, clash of behaviors and much more.

5. Afraid Of New Countries Entering Your Industry

Project management outsourcing opens doors to international outsourcing as well. Several new countries have entered the BPO industry and as a result we have witnessed establishment of a strong and efficient infrastructure that caters specifically to this particular niche of business. Companies have grown in size and have begun to employ young and bright individuals belonging to different continents from around the world. This has resulted in pooling in of ideas and innovations that we never knew existed. But at the same time, there is a rising fear in many companies that few nations that are climbing up this ladder rather rapidly are going to take over this industry. To this we only have one thing to say, plenty of fish in the pond and plenty of opportunities for everyone.


The business process outsourcing industry is expected to witness an incremental growth of $70 9.55bn by the end of the year 2022. The study also says that infrastructures that are supported by cloud resources are going to benefit the most from this trend. The business process / project management outsourcing industry is large and continues to grow in size. At the moment, outsourcing of even small projects is going to help companies that are looking to resurrect their brand and presence as the economy rebounds during the current pandemic situation. Together we can overcome these hurdles and with the use of mass automation tools, should be able to support critical business applications and decisions remotely from any location around the world. Business process and project management outsourcing might become our new normal sooner than we think. To find out more about it, visit Linking Logics today.

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