5 Attitudinal Problems – Human Conflict Your Project Outsourcing Team Suffers From

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Though it is growing in adoption at a rate of more than 6.2% every year, project outsourcing can be problematic. Did you ever think that someone would say it out loud for you? Despite all the innovation and technological advancements that your company is known for, it still could encounter a lot of problems while outsourcing some of its most basic projects. Experience has shown us that several managers and project leaders despite their huge amount of knowledge and skills may fall short of efficiency when it comes to successfully completing an entire project. Project outsourcing services in Colorado suffers from a lot of attitudinal and behavioural problems arising out of human conflict. 5 of them have been listed below:

1: Lack Of Understanding Of Post Contract Processes

There are certain post-contract processes and decisions that need to be made the moment your project comes into existence. The second you sign a contract with a third-party vendor who is handling the responsibility of completing the project, you will have to come together to work as a team. The problem arises when both your organization and the third party vendor are not able to prepare their respective teams to operate in complete harmony. There is a severe lack of communication and alignment of operations and efforts. The result is that the service is not performed because the implementation activities were not carried out on time. The project gets stalled and as a result, stakeholders and the service provider staff members get frustrated.

2: Decision Rights Not Understood

This is another problem with your outsourcing project process/ contract. When you are not able to define well enough in your agreement what behavioural change is required from both the parties with regards to the decision-making of the project, collisions are bound to happen. According to your contract, certain rights would be handed over to the vendor team and the remaining would still be within the control of your in-house team. Everyone needs to be informed about this change so that their usual operations and responsibilities can be altered. The decisions that do not rest with any particular team anymore will not remain their responsibility and the same needs to be conveyed clearly through your contract. This will avoid any duplication of effort and resultant confusion throughout the project.

3: Incapable Of Supporting Project Outsourcing Team

This happens when your leaders and project managers within your organization are not capable of supporting the project outsourcing team. It is a very critical issue and it arises because of both active and passive resistance that is most commonly prevalent within your in-house managers and leaders. As long as you were handling the project all by yourself, all your project leaders and managers were getting special treatment of sorts. The moment the control of a particular project is taken away from them, internal resistance and friction gets built up throughout your department. It is more of a personality barrier that your managers and leaders will have to overcome if they want the project to be successful. Receiving and facilitating proactive communications without any ego clashes is the first step towards providing your project management outsourcing team in Florida with appropriate and adequate support for the completion of the project.

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4: Declining Interest In The Project By Your Own Managers

Does this happen? Is it possible that your internal team members and leaders could suddenly lose interest in their own project?

Yes, many times leaders and managers do not participate actively in the project for the simple reason that they consider the entire responsibility of it as the job of the project outsourcing team. They could become careless and ignorant of many responsibilities that still rest upon their shoulders. Evaluation and negotiation with the outsourcing team are still among the tasks that they have to perform regularly. Maintaining communication with the vendor team is also their responsibility. Is anyone listening? Hello!

5: No Mutual Understanding Of The Contract

Any project is going to comprise several initial implementation activities. Both the client and project management outsourcing services provider in addition to all their team members will be performing several operations all the while learning the details of the agreement. There are numerous factors at play here when numerous team members are involved in any project including enthusiasm, high levels of motivation, excitement about a brand new project and a lot of emotions flowing throughout the group. Sometimes, the nuances of the specific agreement are forgotten in the rush and heat of the moment. In their attempt to speed up project implementation and get on with the project, team members of both organizations tend to ignore the absorption period which leads to uninformed views and incorrect decisions. This impairs a mutual understanding of the contract and eventually leads to the failure of the project.

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Final Thoughts

All the energies and efforts of the outsourcing team and yours as well should be focused towards understanding the project at hand. This is the very first step towards its successful completion. Enough time and resources should then be devoted to implementation activities so that every team member understands what is expected out of them. Remember, any client is going to expect the best out of the outsourcing vendor since they are handing over the entire project to them with utter and complete trust. Important staffing decisions are always based on communicating changes and exchanging views. All of this makes management of responsibilities simpler and prevents one from deviating from the expected outcome of the outsourcing agreement. To find out more about how to make your project management outsourcing contract work for you, visit Linking Logics.



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